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Patch 3D Rubber

Patch 3D Rubber

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My new 3D cut rubber patches have arrived. These look great! I'm really impressed with how they came out. They really do have a 3D feel to them. The colors look great and they have lots of detail.

Slap them onto your helmet, plate carrier, or BDU to show off your love for Defrowe Airsoft. You can even stick them on your bag or put them up on your wall for all your friends to see. It's a great way to support the brand.

The design is simple yet eye-catching. It's got a black background with green text and features the Defrowe Airsoft logo. It's the perfect size too, measuring 5cm x 8cm. So, it won't take up too much space on your gear, but it's still big enough to make a statement.

There is velcro on the back

Size: 5cm x 8cm

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